We like to think of Bellwood as a community, where parents and teachers work together to foster our children’s growth, education, and development.


We have an open door policy and encourage parents to become active members of our preschool community.

Additionally, to accommodate the schedule of busy parents, we offer programs that extend the school day. Lunch Bunch is for students who want to eat with friends before or after their class session. And Extended Day provides a full day at Bellwood Preschool, from 9 am until 3 pm, including lunch.    


Bellwood is overseen by an active Parent Board whose members hold terms of at least one year.  This board sets policy, registers students, coordinates the visitor and snack programs, and manages the biannual KidStuff Sales - Bellwood's largest fundraisers.  The board also has oversight for Bellwood's budget, including allocation of funds and the regulation of teacher salaries. 

These duties ensure comprehensive parent-management of the school with the assistance of Bellwood's director.