Our school is a nurturing environment that develops compassionate children who respect others and the natural world.  Our foundation is the Bellwood community, which consists of teachers, students, and parents. 

Bellwood's Goals

Support your child's developing cooperation
A mix of personalities interacts together to promote a cooperative learning atmosphere.

Nurture your child's developing independence
Bellwood provides a unique environment where each child chooses his or her activities and works with other people and materials in the ways that best fulfill his or her needs.

Allow your child to develop at his/her own pace
The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the individual child.  This means that concepts may be learned in different ways by different children at different times.  Each child learns to trust his or her own emotions and will produce and participate when ready.  The development of the whole child is of primary importance.

Bolster your child's developing responsibility
With our teachers as facilitators, children at Bellwood choose their experiences provided they do not interfere with the rights and freedom of other people, and respect the learning materials in their environment.

Encourage your child's developing creativity
By emphasizing creative development and not measured achievement, your child will be encouraged to explore his or her creativity in an environment rich in materials and experience.

Maintain high levels of communication
We keep parents updated on their child’s progress and encourage parents to communicate with us. At the end of each school year, you’ll receive a detailed portfolio showing your child’s growth and development.